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Made of PU Leather, woven fabric for tear- and rip-resistant strength, the durable bag offers reliable performance that stands up to everyday wear and tear. The bag can be packed completely full without having to worry, and its high-quality zippers can be smoothly opened and closed over and over without damage. Weighing less than an average empty suitcase, the duffel bag’s lightweight design makes it a great choice for travel and everyday use.

Essential for savvy travelers, the compact and lightweight duffel bag tucks easily into a carry bag and can be unfolded as needed. Pull it out at the airport to avoid excess baggage charges or to transfer personal belongings out of a damaged suitcase. Returning with more than you left with? The bag’s perfect for getting gifts and souvenirs home safely. The AmazonBasics travel duffel bag is a must-have for any business trip, vacation, or daily excursion.


  • Capacity: 20-35L
  • Size: 45cm*25cm*25cm
  • Material: Top PU Leather Solid handbag
  • Quality: Top Quality
  • Hard and Waterproof and Portable