Boxing Speed Ball with Inflator Gourd Hook

The speed bag for boxing training adopts all leather welted seams design, which increases the usage of the speed bag. When you use the speed bag for boxing training, you do not need to worry the bag may get broken. It is quite durable for hitting. suitable for boxing daily training response, effectively exercise your speed, reaction, agility and so on.

The super fast speed punching bag is suitable for multi-boxing practice such as MMA, Muay Thai, and other fight sports. You can improve your blocking and hitting skill with the help of the lightweight speed punch bag. Men and women also use the speedball for workout, fitness and gym training.


  • Reassuring quality - Made of explosion-proof PU leather, it has good sealing performance and is 100% safe to human and waterproof, durable.
  • The exquisite appearance - exquisite smooth surface and exquisite craftsmanship also bring you a comfortable touch.
  • Fine craftsmanship - neat and fine sewing threads on both sides are strong and tear resistant, increasing durability.
  • Perfect detail - Nylon woven strap, beautiful and practical.
  • Widely used: utilized for boxing daily training, and it can effectively exercise your speed, reaction, agility and so on